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The intersection of technology, creative, and human interaction.

A New Approach: End-to-EndCustomer Acquisition,Support, & Retention


CML.AI provides end-to-end solutions for your Customer Acquisition, Customer Support and Customer Retention needs by leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, automation systems, analytics, call center operations, product development and creative agency services tailored to streamline your sales and customer service operations.

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Trusted by 150+ major brands and thousands of small businesses in over 3,300 cities.

A Global Team: Offices

The Juxtaposition of AI + Human Beings

Customer Acquisition and Sales

CML.AI's Customer Acquisition and Sales solutions encompass the entire sales process from lead sourcing, marketing and creative, to close. Our end-to-end solution utilizes our creative and technology R&D labs and sales facilities.

Customer Support

CML.AI Customer Support solutions blend artificial intelligence with human interaction to cut costs and still deliver a delightful experience for your clients.

Customer Retention

CML.AI will identify flaws in customer retention and causes for churn through qualitative and quantitative analysis of implementation and ongoing support processes. CML.AI will work closely with your team to develop a clear customer retention strategy that includes upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Technology and Creative Solutions

CML.AI's R&D Department is an award winning team of technologists, designers, content producers, directors, experiential producers and product specialists. These solutions work to support customer acquisition, customer support and retention, and increase brand affinity.

Services we provide

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Business Process Optimization

Customer Support

Customer Acquisition

Customer Retention

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Case Studies

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